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I work at Chicken Ranch a Legal Brothel about a 1 Hour Drive from the Las Vegas Strip in a town called Pahrump. A Brothel is your #1 Choice when looking to experience Legal Sex Tourism in Nevada. There's a big misconception that Prostitution is Legal in the entire state of Nevada or that they are Lax on prostitution arrests but that is a Myth! There is a task force called VICE dedicated to arresting people involved in Solicitation/ illegal prostitution in Las Vegas. Those escort service cards that are everywhere on the Vegas Strip are legal businesses but those women can not legally have sex with you in exchange for the service fee you give them for their "time" and "tipping them" to do sexual favors would be commiting a crime. Prostitution is only Legal in specific counties with a population of less than 400,000 Residents (pretty much in the middle of nowhere) - and only in a regulated "House of Prostitution", like the establishment Chicken Ranch. Each county makes their own laws so some things vary by county. Generally Legal Courtesans must go through a background check before being able to get a Sheriff's Card. We are also required to get an STD Test once per week. The Results are faxed to the Sherrifs Office before they will issue our work card. This assures you that the Legal Courtesan you choose is STD Free

There Are Many Benefits of Coming to a Legal Brothel when Visiting Las Vegas!


1: Soliciting prostitution is illegal! You dont have to worry about being arrested when you come to a Brothel since prostitution is legal in Nevada Brothels! Tipping an escort/dancer for sexual favors is against the law so Quoting menu items like GFE, DATY, BJ, Greek, Full Service, Extras, Party ect to an "Escort/Dancer" is considered soliciting of sexual services & if you are caught you will be in legal trouble. You also risk getting your arrest getting blasted publicly on the news, articles like this pop up all the time. Why risk this when paying for sex is legal if you come here? (

2: You are saved the hassle of wondering if you will get what you want. When coming to a brothel you know that you will get to have sex with the lady you choose to spend time with. You dont have to worry about being ripped off or upsold. The price you negotiate with the lady in her bedroom is the final price. You will not be told you must tip extra to have sex after you have already paid the inital rate. This practice is known as "Upselling" Many of those Escort Services that pass out cards on the strip use this practice. You may get quoted a couple hundred bucks but thats just the "Agency Fee" the Agency that the "escorts" or "dancers" work for generally take 50% of that fee, they make their money off tips so will require a tip to go any further than a lap dance or a massage. Happy Endings cost extra!

3: The pictures you see are always 100% real & accurate. When the girl in the pictures you saw online is not the girl who shows up this is known as "Bait & Switch" Here at a brothel the woman you see in the pictures is the woman you will meet once you arrive! Plus if it doesn't work out, there are more ladies available!

4: You never have to worry about being robbed by a lady &/or her pimp (scary stories like what happened in this article ) after the law FOSTA passed, more & more platforms for sex workers are being taken down causing more women to work in the casinos on the strip, & even outside on the streets. This gives Pimps, Bad Clients, & other predetors looking to harm sex workers more power over vulnerable women who often feel a pimp is there only protection in the dangerous conditions. (

At a Brothel we are licenced to sell sex, but Nevada State Laws Prohibits Soliciting Sex in Exchange for Money outside of a Legal Brothel or "House of Prostitution". We must "Negotiate" a price behind closed doors once you arrive at the Brothel. Every Lady is an Independent Contractor so we make our own prices, just keep in mind ladies give the house 50% off the top, we pay $45 a Day in Rent, $150 for medical exam every week, $150 Brothel Permit Renewal every Quarter (3 months), $200 Nevada State Buisness Licence Every Year and last but not least on top of paying taxes.  We cost at Least 3x - 5x more than illegal escorts on the internet, for the many benefits we offer and to cover our expenses. I mean you will spend $300-400 on a VIP Room at a Strip Club in Vegas and get nothing but a hard dick. Keep that in mind when thinking about your budget. For just a bit more you can get what you REALLY want. Expect that this is a Luxury Service. Courtesans give you their time, energy, affection, intamacy, and sex in exchage for money. It should not be cheap. Brothels are a comodity considering that a Nevada Brothel is the only place you can legally pay for sex in the entire United States. Anywhere else, including Las Vegas You risk being arrested, ripped off, robbed or worse! 

If you decided that you want to come to a brothel instead of taking the risk of finding entertainment elsewhere, you can get in touch with me directly via email if you have any questions, but if you are interested in booking an appointment you will have to do so by calling Chicken Ranch's Office. Final price & sexual activities negotiated in person once you arrive! You also have the option of just showing up at Chicken Ranch and requesting to meet me when you arrive!

Round Trip Transportation to & from Las Vegas available please call Chicken Ranch to arrange pick - up

Chicken Ranch has a luxurious Bungalow Suite with three different themed rooms, a living area, & a large kitchen! This suite is reserved for parties that are $2500 or higher and is ideal for multiple hour as well as overnight parties. Comes with a complimentary bottle of wine or champagne. Chicken Ranch also has a Private Dance & Spa Room, and a gorgeous outdoor pool that is best to use in the summer time!

Outside the Bungalow

Safari Room

Victorian Secret Room


Private Dance & Hot Tub Room