My Name is Kourtney Chase! You could say I'm a "well rounded" Adult Entertainer. From XXX Content Available on Various Platforms to Legal Sex Dates with my fans at Chicken Ranch. I'm soon to be one of your "All Time Favorite" Independent Adult Entertainers! I have been in the Adult Industry for 7 Years so you can be assured that I have experience. I definitely know how to please! Through out my years in the industry I have worked on the streets having a Pimp, I have worked Independently as an Online Escort, & I've worked for Escort Agencies. In 2014 when I was 21, I appeared on the Documentary Underworld Inc Season 1 Episode 2: Sex Inc, which can still be found on Hulu. Not long after that apperance, I went on to open my own Escort Agency/Assistant Service called "Ultimate Fantasy Girls". After about a year passed I ended up getting arrested for "Promoting Prostitution as a Buisness" and I was facing 10 years in Prision for simply helping other women. I took a deal dropping the felony to a misdemeanor & fled to Nevada to start working Legally in Brothels in 2015. I am now on a Quest to Expand My Brand from Legal Brothels to Porn, Promotional Modeling, & Music Videos 

Reguardless of my past negative experiences in  Sex Work, I  choose to do Sex Work. I am a Survivor not a Victim! It's not the industry that's bad, it's the bad people in the Industry taking advatage of Vulnerable People becuase we are Stigmatized & Criminalized. Sex work has given me the ability to make more capital than otherwise possible with only a GED and a year of college before dropping out. Brothels & Porn have brought me legitimacy. No more living on the run having to look over my shoulders for cops or violent men who target sex workers.  I am so greatful to the many wonderful things that Sex Work has Brought to my life, and have learned from all the bad things. I may even write a blog or a e - book going a little more into detail about my life. It may be sad in some reguard but I'm positive that my story could help other women. Sex Trafficking is real but criminalizing Sex Work doesn't help the victims & it does not give women the autonomy to choose. Sex work is Real Work & I Support Decriminalization